Friday, September 25, 2009

7 Colors of Truth...

“The colors of a pretty the sky ... Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by..I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do... They’re really sayin......i love you”.

The lyric of Louis Armstrong comes to mind this afternoon as I sit in front of the computer.

Rainbow has 7 colors, which we have always been told. McDonalds in collaboration with Coca Cola came out with a ‘7 colors’ promotion recently. Well how have these 7 colors affected my life. Let’s try and find out.

Perky Pink

Mr PM wore a pink baju melayu for his Hari Raya Open House, which the 1Malaysia motion was widely spread. Let’s not have 1Malaysia be just a lip serving, feel good vision, which previous visions of Wawasan 2020, and Islam Hadhari have not seen any substantial impact to everyday Malaysians. 1Malaysia does not need glamour of the F1 circus, or a ‘20% discount for toll users, who uses Touch N Go more than 80 times a month collected at the end of the month, by going to the Plus office and feeling up a form’ to make Malaysians feel proud of the vision. We need real actions. Mr PM, eradicate poverty, improve transportation, create jobs, provide safety and stimulate the economy. I don’t think it’s difficult. If it is, ask any Malaysians for advice, or even, play SIMCITY

Cool Blue
When we were in school, ‘Blue’ Tape is like the coolest thing in the world. 15 years on, it’s still the coolest thing, but now it’s DVD instead of VCR Tapes. More interestingly, it no longer involves professional porn stars from Japan or America, it could be a hit, even if it’s by a local politician. In fact, it not only attracts curiosity of the birds and the bees to its viewers, it’s also a recipe of political tsunami and now possibily a change of leadership in Malaysia’s ‘Leading’ Chinese Political Party.

Fortune Green
Green will no longer be the colors of PAS, as Zainal Abidin , a famous Malaysia singer has plans to setup a political party which concentrates on environmental and humanitarian issues. Hahaha. I wonder who will sit in the Cabinet then. Jason Lo , Minister of Defense ; Siti Nurhaliza, Ministry of Women Affairs ; Jaclyn Victor, Minister of Tourism ; Reshmonu, Minister of Home Affairs. I bet you the first thing they will ban is pirated DVD and CD.

Royal Purple
Purple is the color of Barney, the dinosaur. I like Barney.

Fresh Lime
Malaysia loves Lime. They make it a drink, they mix it in their Maggi Goreng, they blend it with their sambal, they mix it with ‘hand wash’ water. Malaysian loves to mix things. But a wrong mixture is disastrous. For example, mixing Pakatan Rakyat and PAS in Selangor, mixing Proton with Lotus, mixing Proton with F1 and mixing raw oyster with dairy product. All will create a mess to our society, one way or another.

Iconic Grey
Most Malaysian politician, once they take office, they tend to have more grey hair. Act of late nights trying to counter corruption allegations, how to create more scandals for the opposition, how to spend more Rakyat’s money, how to build the biggest/longest/largest etc, and what colors should the 1Malaysia F1 car going to be. Everything but important matters to the average Malaysian.

Sparkly Clear
This is really not a color. It’s actually colorless. In society, Malaysia, we are educated to be ‘color blind’ . When I was in kindergarten, all my friends were the same color, they were Malaysian colors. But as we grew older, it was adults who created the color distinction and ironically, it’s adult right now who are calling for Unity, without colors. I think all politicians should go back to their kids, who are in kindergarten or Standard 1, to learn one lesson in Malaysian Unity. Malaysians ought to be Color Blind .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camnilah....Pray for Yasmin Ahmad Well Being...

Camni-lah is loosely transalated as ‘like that la”. Coca cola Malaysia recently used this tagline in one of its campaigns.

Interestingly, many Malaysians could related to this, and don’t jump to conclusion that my comments are targeted to a specific race. I am not ethnocentric.

Camni-lah is often used in many of our languages

1. Used to ‘stop’ explaining'

Girl : How can you forget my birthday?
Boy : Busy la.
Girl : Busy with what.
Boy : Work la
Girl : So work is more important
Boy : Ya la....“Like that la”

2. Used to ‘tell you that I am not happy with your decision/choice'
Bob : Eh , you want to go Man U Game?
Mat : Don’t want la. Man U sucks
Bob : Go la, I pay
Mat : You give me money also I don’t want to go
Bob :ooohh.. “Like that la” (camni-la)

3. Used to ‘concede’ in a situation
Kim : Joe, you going to let your boss scold you like that ah?
Joe : She boss ma, let her la.
Kim : But you must stand up, if you don’t, that means you damm loser la
Joe : What to do, “like that la” (camni-la)

4. Used to ‘start’ a master plan
Sotong : Eh, how are we going to win the match?
Cicak : I don’t know la, you got any idea ah?
Sotong : Okay, ”like that la”, we first bribe the officials, then we bribe the other team. (camni-la)

There is one person whom I can think of, can make the above dialogues into a great commercial or short film, illustrating the beautiful country we leave in, and the many funny facets of life, language and lifestyle. She has touched all of us, by her masterpieces in advertising, commercial and short film.

Yasmin Ahmad is currently warded in Damansara Specialist Centre after a cardiac arrest. According to local media, she is in stable but critical condition. Please, make time after reading this blog, to pray for this great and inspirational lady.

I have many at times wrote in this blog, motivated by her ways and teachings of life, shown in her great works in Petronas commercial and my favourite all time local movie, Sepet

Get Well Soon Yasmin.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In many ways, today is a sad day. For all those ways, let the path be towards a recovery of faith and love, for which we live for.

I listened to a song which I dearly cherished. It was sung by Lea Salonga , called On My Own , during the Les Miserables. Going beyond the lyrics, the song, reminds us that, we do seek the beauty of life, in dreams. But try and remind ourself that whatever way life is treating us, just remember that you could make an effort to live your dreams in life. Cause a dream is a reflection of your wishes, which will come true when you have the heart and passion to realise it into reality.

Michael Jackson , we bade you goodbye, Rest In Peace, and thank you for making reality the many dreams of music.

Today I also asked whether I will say goodbye to my dear Coke. The answer is NO.